5 February 2008 Northings


By Samuel Beckett

ALTHOUGH we think of Samuel Beckett as a theatrical poet – his spare language sitting on the line between elemental and enigmatic – we shouldn't forget his visual flair. His vision of Winnie trapped from the waist down in a mound of earth in Happy Days can still draw breath – as it did at Dundee Rep recently – and the image of two tramps standing beneath a tree is forever associated with Waiting for Godot.

2 July 2005 The Guardian

Black Sun Over Genoa

By Robert Rae

"THE struggle of men against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." On Thursday night, Milan Kundera's words were quoted in a letter of support from Haidi Giuliani, mother of Carlo, the young man killed by police during the anti-G8 protests in Genoa in 2001. As Haidi sees it, her son is just one of the many victims of capitalism.

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