24 August 2010 Scotland on Sunday


By Grant Smeaton. A Tangerine Theatre review.

IF THE opening theatre production of the Edinburgh International Festival did nothing else, it challenged you to consider how you tell a story. To say the answer provided by New York's Elevator Repair Service was unconventional is an understatement. Having no interest in staging a regular adaptation of The Sun Also Rises, director John Collins challenged himself to use every last word of Ernest Hemingway's breakthrough novel, plus selected passages of first-person narration from Jake Barnes, a war-wounded US foreign correspondent in Paris.

4 November 2005 The Guardian

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

By Manuel Puig. A Tangerine Theatre review.

THIS year's Glasgay festival has embraced the post-porn lesbian romancing of Annie Sprinkle, the chat-room forays of Tim Fountain and the hairdresser confessions of Adrian Howells in Salon: Adrienne. But its co-production of Manuel Puig's Kiss of the Spiderwoman is particularly pertinent. It is an austere staging of a play that challenges camp culture cliches.

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