2 May 2008 The Guardian

Educating Agnes

By Liz Lochhead/Molière. A Theatre Babel review.

A STANDARD translation of Molire's L'Ecole des Femmes is a clunky thing. The French playwright's Alexandrine couplets sound awkward in English, the rhythms mechanical, the rhymes forced. But not so in Liz Lochhead's new version, the first major Scottish translation of the play since 1948, when Robert Kemp inspired a generation of McMolires with Let Wives Tak Tent.

21 April 2005 The Guardian

Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen. A Theatre Babel review.

AS a designer, Theatre Babel's artistic director Graham McLaren has an eye for a simple and striking set. For Ibsen's 19th-century classic he ditches the standard-issue Victoriana and opts for a bare stage strewn with autumnal leaves, interrupted by little more than a few chairs and a chaise longue.

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