21 February 2012 Northings

The Attic

By Hazel Darwin-Edwards. A Starcatchers theatre review.

I HAVE a vivid childhood memory of an episode of Bill and Ben in which the two flowerpot men left their usual patch of land and ventured through a door in the garden wall. Something about it stayed with me. It was partly the breaking of a tiresome routine, partly a sense of danger and transgression, but more importantly, I think, it was the sense of possibility. Who knows what imaginative vistas will open up once you step beyond the familiar?

12 May 2011 The Guardian


A Bank of Scotland Imaginate festival, Starcatchers and Visible Fictions review

YOU can't fault the Imaginate children's theatre festival for variety. On Monday alone, you could see tutus for two-year-olds, postmodern Irish storytelling for the over-sevens and a through-composed Philip Pullman adaptation.

29 October 2008 Northings, Hi-Arts Journal

Little Light

SORRY, too late. If you're able to read this, you're no longer in the market for Little Light. Quite considerably beyond it, in fact.

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