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12 August 2009 The List


By Tim Nunn. A Reeling and Writhing review.

THERE'S a great idea behind Tim Nunn’s new play for Glasgow’s Reeling & Writhing about the army’s use of humour to interrogate suspects.

26 April 2006 The Guardian

Good Reason

By Tim Nunn and Elspeth Murray A Reeling and Writhing review.

IN 1990, Anthony Minghella wrote a poem called Mosaic, to be performed by an actor and a dancer. It's a collage of reminiscences, random fragments of data that suddenly coalesce into something meaningful. With a flash of insight, the poem's female speaker pieces together the evidence - voiceless phone calls, mood swings, unaccounted absences - and sees them as part of a tapestry of adultery woven by the men in her life.

22 April 2006 Northings

Good Reason

By Tim Nunn and Elspeth Murray A Reeling and Writhing review.

GOOD reason starts and ends with ÔMosaicÕ, a poem by Anthony Minghella. Written in 1990, it's a collage of clues pieced together by a woman waking up to the adultery of her father and her lover. Suddenly she sees a pattern in the men's mysterious phone calls, unaccounted absences and changes of behaviour.

12 October 2004 The Guardian

Standing Wave

By Nicola McCartney. A Reeling and Writhing review.

YOUR average play hits its peak with a big speech. It climbs ever upwards and erupts with a torrent of language. Standing Wave, however, is not your average play. Its climax comes, wordlessly and beguilingly, with a piece of music. Focusing on the life of the late Delia Derbyshire, creative light of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the imaginative presence behind the Dr Who theme tune, the play delivers its emotional kick with a shimmering piece of electronica.

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