What’s on

Charlene Boyd and Keith Fleming in The Macbeths

Online shows from 2020/2021

  • Makar to Makar, Jackie Kay, National Theatre of Scotland, online
  • Scenes for Survival (first round-up) and Scenes for Survival (second round-up), National Theatre of Scotland, online
  • SceneToSeen, Interbang Productions, online
  • Miraculous, Borderline Theatre Company, Ayr Gaiety, online
  • Shades of Tay, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, online
  • 2020 in 20, Framework, online
  • Until the Flood, Traverse, Edinburgh, online
  • Happenings: Until the Flood with Dael Orlandersmith, Traverse, Edinburgh, online
  • Circling a Fox (documentary about The Tailor of Inverness), Dogstar, BBC Scotland, 2 Feb 2021–2 Feb 2022
  • An Isolated Incident, Kenny Boyle
  • Adam, NTS, BBC iPlayer, until 6 Mar 2022
  • Liethers One Family, Citadel
  • Happiness Collectors, Audio Story Company, Tron, Glasgow
  • Times Like These, Oor Theatre, online
  • Stella, Braw Tales, Mull Theatre, online
  • A Pickpocket’s Tale, Braw Tales, Mull Theatre, online
  • The Shark Was Aware of Me, Braw Tales, Mull Theatre, online
  • The Night You Were Born, Braw Tales, Mull Theatre, online
  • Quelle Trapeze, Braw Tales, Mull Theatre, online
  • 3M MIXTAPE (part one), Dundee Rep, online
  • The Macbeths, Citizens, Glasgow, online, from 3 Jun
  • Dear Delight, NTS, online, from 3 Jun
  • Lovely Peas, Outspoken Arts, online
  • Something in the Air, Outspoken Arts, online
  • The Registrar’s Last Entry, Outspoken Arts, online

From October 2021

  • Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of), Blood of the Young/Tron/Royal Lyceum, Criterion, London, 15 Oct–6 Feb

January 2022

  • Interiors, Vanishing Point, on tour, 27 Jan–5 Feb
  • Manipulate, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 28 Jan–5 Feb
  • A Brief History of a Fragile Male Ego, Jordan and Skinner, online and screen tour, 30 Jan–25 Feb

February 2022

  • Prism, Production Lines, online, 2–5 Feb
  • A Play, a Pie and a Pint, Oran Mor, Glasgow, 14 Feb–2 Jul
  • Though This Be Madness, Skye Loneragan, on tour, 16 Feb–14 Jul
  • Moorcroft, Tron, Glasgow, 17 Feb–5 Mar
  • Scent of Roses, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 25 Feb–19 Mar
  • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Leith Theatre, NTS, 25–27 Feb

March 2022

  • The Children, Dundee Rep, 1–19 March
  • Nothing But, Jack Docherty, on tour, 11 Mar–30 Apr
  • The Metamorphosis, Vanishing Point, on tour, 16 Mar–16 Apr
  • Lena, Beacon, Greenock, 16–19 Mar
  • Julius Caesar, Company of Wolves, on tour, 17 Mar–20 May
  • Me and My Sister Tell Each Other Everything, Tron, Glasgow, 23 Mar–2 Apr
  • Roald Dahl’s The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Helen Milne Productions, Perth Theatre and the Roald Dahl Story Company, on tour, 24 Mar–17 Apr

April 2022

  • Orphans, NTS, SEC Armadillo, Glasgow, and touring 1–30 Apr
  • The Meaning of Zong, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 13–24 Apr
  • Mon ‘eh Ton, Beacon, Greenock, 14–16 Apr
  • Helping Hands, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 21 Apr–7 May
  • Hang, Tron, Glasgow, 28 Apr–7 May

May 2022

  • The Bookies, Dundee Rep, 3–21 May
  • Red Ellen, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 4–21 May
  • Keepers of the Light, Flagstone Theatre, on tour, 6–7 May
  • Who Killed My Father, Tron, Glasgow, 11–14 May
  • Sunshine on Leith, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 20 May–1 Oct
  • Noises Off, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 27 May–1 Oct
  • Imaginate, Edinburgh, May
  • I Am Tiger, Perth Theatre and on tour, May
  • The Hope River Girls, Groupwork, on tour, May

June 2022

  • Oh When the Saints, Perth Theatre, 2–18 Jun
  • Laurel and Hardy, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 3–25 Jun
  • Sunshine on Leith, King’s, Edinburgh, 7–18 Jun
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Lipstick,Ketchup and Blood, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 8 Jun–11 Jul
  • Private Lives, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 17 Jun –30 Sep

July 2022

  • Around the World in 80 Days, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 8 Jul–17 Sep
  • Underwood Lane, Tron, Glasgow and on tour, 14–30 Jul
  • The Stamping Ground, Eden Court, Inverness, 18–30 Jul
  • Little Women, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 21 Jul–29 Sep

August 2022

  • Edinburgh International Festival, 5–29 Aug
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 5–29 Aug
  • Burn, NTS, Aug and touring
  • Medea, NTS, Aug
  • Exodus, NTS, Aug and touring
  • Under Another Sky, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 10 Aug–23 Sep
  • Sister Radio, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 25 Aug–28 Sep

September 2022

  • The Maggie Wall, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 9–29 Sep
  • James IV – Queen of the Fight, Raw Material, NTS and Capital Theatres, on tour, 30 Sep–12 Nov
  • Enough of Him, Pitlochry Festival Theatre/NTS, autumn touring

October 2022

November 2022

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Tron, Glasgow, Nov–Jan
  • Snow White, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, 17 Dec–22 Jan
  • Sleeping Beauty, Gaiety, Ayr, 25 Nov–2 Jan

December 2022

  • Cinderella, Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, Dec