Academic and research

Richard Demarco Archive image of Tadeusz Kantor’s Cricot 2 production of The Dead Class at Edinburgh College of Art. Photograph: George Oliver.

Richard Demarco Archive

  • PHOTOGRAPHS plus documents, publications and other printed material created or gathered by Richard Demarco.

  • EXTENSIVE database of playwrights and their plays.

Dundee College

  • COURSES in Theatre Arts and Contemporary Dance.

Edinburgh’s Telford College

  • THE department of performing arts offers full and part-time courses from entry-level to HND. There are also two technical theatre courses at NC and HNC level.

Edinburgh Sound and Lighting School

  • TEACHING skills in sound, lighting and audiovisual technology for use on large-scale corporate events as well as repertory theatre. The one-year, two-semester course in production and technology is designed to give students a stepping stone into work.

Edinburgh Stage Management School

  • TRAINING in everything from working on small theatre in education projects to managing large-scale arena tours.

Glasgow Empire

  • ARCHIVAL site dedicated to the theatre demolished in 1963.

Green’s Playhouse and Apollo

  • ARCHIVAL site about the much loved music hall theatre in Renfield Street, Glasgow.

It’s Behind You

  • UK site with some Scottish content dedicated to pantomime. Fabulous archive pics.

The MGA Academy of Performing Arts

  • INDEPENDENT musical theatre academy offering full and part-time courses including foundation, HNC and HND.

Rhona Mitchell School of Drama

  • STAGE school.

Queen Margaret University

  • ACTOR training has suffered since the move to an out-of-town campus which has been criticised for its diminished theatre provision. Other theatre courses continue, however.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

  • LONG-established training ground for Scottish acting profession. 


  • POSTRGRADUATE four-week courses in design for live performance, run by Francis Gallop and Sarah Paulley.

Scottish Drama Training Network

  • COMMITTED to developing practice-based drama training in Scotland by working with both education and industry. It works with a network of 17 further and higher education institutions across Scotland which provide training in practice-based drama subjects, including theatre, film, television and radio courses from NQ to postgraduate level.

Scottish Music Hall and Variety Theatre Society

  • LIVELY organisation dedicated to Scotland’s variety herritage.

Scottish Theatre Archive

  • DETAILS about important university research archive, part of the special collections department of Glasgow University library.

Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society

  • DEDICATED to maintaining and upgrading Scotland’s theatre organs. 

Twelve Scottish Plays

  • RESOURCE created by the National Library of Scotland, giving background information about some of the key plays of thepast 40 years. 

The University of Glasgow