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Charles Barron

ABERDEEN playwright Work includes Guts, Evie, Effie, Bertie, Bryce, Harry, Toulmin, Fooshion and Amang the Craws.


Grace Barnes

ARTISTIC director of Skeklers, author of Lavender Blue and adapter of Trumpet.

Reviews: Trumpet;

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Alan Bissett

NOVELIST branching out to theatre with the short plays Times When I Bite, The Ching Room and The Library.

Reviews: The Moira Monologues (26 August 2010);

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Tom Brogan

ACTOR and playwright with sketch show and TV experience.

20 April 2009 The Guardian

Gregory Burke

Agent: Alan Brodie Representation

AUTHOR of Gagarin Way, The Straits, On Tour, Black Watch and Hoors.

Articles: Sunday Times (4 April 2004); The Guardian (21 April 2009); Reviews: Black Watch; Hoors; Battery Farm;


April 2008 The Guardian

John Byrne

Agent: Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

JOHN Byrne doesn't read the papers and hasn't had a television for six years, but he does listen to what he quaintly calls the wireless. This morning, he has heard the news about the inquest into Princess Diana's death. He's irritated by all the talk of "closure", believing the jury's verdict is just another cliffhanger in the great Diana soap opera.

Articles: The Guardian (April 2008); Scotland on Sunday (1 November 2009); Scotland on Sunday (13 April 2010); Reviews: The Government Inspector; Uncle Varick; Tutti Frutti; Nova Scotia; The Cherry Orchard;





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