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Bruce Adam

PLAYS for adults and children by a lecturer and teacher in drama.

August 2006 Scotland on Sunday

Henry Adam

PETROL Jesus Nightmare #5. "You either know what it means or you don't," says Wick-born Henry Adam, best known for his hit comedy The People Next Door. "You either have nightmares about petrol Jesus or you don't."

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (13 August 2006); Reviews: Petrol Jesus Nightmare; 'e Polish Quine; Jacobite Country;

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Vivien Adam

TV soap and drama writer with background in theatre.

Reviews: A Sense of Justice;

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Judith Adams

YORKSHIRE author of Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden produced by Stellar Quines at Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Ghost produced by Edinburgh Pupet Lab.

Reviews: Ghost;

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Davey Anderson

PLAYWRIGHT, composer and director with extensive body of work since winning the Arches Award for Stage Directors in 2005.

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (29 November 2009); Reviews: Tipping Point; Snuff; Rupture; Zorro; Clutter Keeps Company;The Static;

October 2008 The Herald

Ioanna Anderson

IF you want a lesson on modern Scottish identity, look no further than Ioanna Anderson. The 38-year-old playwright is a walking embodiment of 21st-century multiculturalism.

Reviews: Six Acts of Love;

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Peter Arnott

AUTHOR of The Boxer Benny Lynch, White Rose and Cyprus. Playwright in Cages blog reporting on his explorations of the John Murray Archive as its writer-in-residence.

Articles: Scotland on Sunday (23 July 2005) The List (23 September 2010); Reviews: The Visit; Swindle and Death; The Silver Darlings; Gordon Brown: A Life in Theatre;

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