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David Walshe

IRISH actor with experience at Oran Mor and London's National Theatre as well as film work in Ireland. YouTube promo clip for Clara here.

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Ian Blair Watt

ACTOR, writer, comedian.

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Jenna Watt

PERFORMANCE artist and playwright.

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Kara Wilson

ACTOR, writer and artist and Mrs Tom Conti.

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Judith Williams

ACTOR, singer and children's theatre maker.

July 2005 Sunday Times

Richard Wilson

"I'm Richard," says the tall, 69-year-old greeting me at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre. Of course he's Richard. There's no mistaking him. Even if you didn't recognise that sexy growl of a Greenock accent, you couldn't fail to spot the figure of Victor Meldrew standing before you.

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Glynis Wozniak

ACTOR, dancer, choreographer, director and workshop facilitator with experience at the CCA, Glasgow.

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