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John Sampson

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Ashley Smith

ACTOR with experience with Traverse, National Theatre of Scotland, Dundee Rep, Poorboy and others.

Reviews: Falling; Mancub; Peer Gynt; 365; Nasty, Brutish and Short; Baby Baby;

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Elaine C Smith

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Robert Softley

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John Stahl

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14 May 2008 The Scotsman

Dawn Steele

TIP FOR SCOTTISH PLAYWRIGHTS. If you want to have a landmark hit, just use the word "black" in your title. It's a trick that worked for John McGrath in the 1970s with The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil – listed at number two in The Scotsman's 20 Scottish theatre events of all time – and it's currently working for Gregory Burke, whose Black Watch, having done the military two-step all the way from New York to Sydney, is now marching on London.

Articles: Scotsman (17 May 2008); Reviews: The Slab Boys (30 January 2004); Tutti Frutti (2 October 2006); Sleeping Beaity (December 2007); Cinderella (December 2008)

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Gerda Stevenson

INFORMATION about a busy writing, acting and director career.

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Ron Stirling

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Tilda Swinton

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