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Victoria Balnaves

EXPERIENCE at Pitlochry, Traverse, TV and radio.

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Karen Bartke

TV WORK for the Comedy Unit, stage work for the Traverse, plus improv and singing.


12 September 2004 The Sunday Times

Maureen Beattie

IT takes a moment to recognise Maureen Beattie without the dress. So striking was the image of her striding about the stage in a blood-red velvet gown in the acclaimed 2000 Edinburgh fringe production of Medea, that it’s hard to think of her without it. But today, as she embarks on a career as a director, she’s wearing inconspicuous rehearsal-room black.She’s easy to spot though. Nobody with such mesmerising icy blue eyes could go unrecognised for long. It’s the first thing anyone ever says about her: those pale hypnotic sapphires.

Reviews: Good Things (Oct 2004); Ghosts (19 May 2009)


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Cora Bissett

UP to date information about the stage and television actor, star of David Greig's Midsummer and director of the award-winning Roadkill. Includes details about her own company Pachamama. MySpace page.

July 2003 Sunday Times

Billy Boyd

IMAGINE the scene. It's one night in Glasgow just after the first Lord of the Rings movie has come out. A gang of young lads leave the cinema and get on the bus home. That's when they see him. "Are you Pippin?" asks one incredulously. "Yes," says Billy Boyd, for it is he. "What're you doing on a bus?"


31 August 2010 Scotland on Sunday

Billy Boyd interview

Interview with the Lord of the Rings actor about Sunshine on Leith. A Dundee Rep preview

IT WOULD be less of a problem if Billy Boyd wasn't such a big fan of the Proclaimers. The Lord Of The Rings star has landed a lead role in a revival of Dundee Rep's Sunshine On Leith, the superb musical based on the songs of Craig and Charlie Reid. It's a dream job - one that's lured him back to the theatre for the first time in six years - but getting his mind around arrangements that are not quite the same as the records he has loved for so long is proving tough work.

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Billy Week

A BILLY Boyd newsletter.

May 2007 Scotland on Sunday

Agnieszka Bresler

WHEN Agnieszka Bresler followed her sister to Coatbridge she couldn’t have expected a better welcome. In the summer of 2005, they revelled in being the only Polish girls in town. Taxi drivers would know them just by reputation and they were made to feel at home wherever they went.

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Lou Brodie

PERFORMANCE artist and theatremaker with an interest in work for children.

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Tom Brogan

ACTOR and playwright with sketch show and TV experience.

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James Bryce

EXTENSIVE acting experience on stage, screen and radio, also as a composer.


1 February 2009 Scotland on Sunday

Tam Dean Burn

THE meeting was almost inevitable. On the one hand you have Harry Horse, the lead singer and banjo player in cult Edinburgh favourites Swamptrash. This is the man who would become a provocative Scotland on Sunday cartoonist as well as a lauded author of children's books. On the other hand you have Tam Dean Burn, the Edinburgh-born actor, musician and political activist . . .

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Nicola Burnett Smith

SINGER, musician, actor and voice-over artist.

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Amie Burns Walker

EDINBURGH-trained actor with Fringe experience.

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Gerard Butler

NEWS, information, biography of the Tomb Raider star.

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