October 2006 Sunday Times

Siobhan Redmond

IN real life, Elizabeth I never met Mary Queen of Scots. Neither did the two of them share a confidante in Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. But in the theatre things are different and the great centrepiece of Friedrich Schiller's magisterial drama, Mary Stuart, is a confrontation between the two queens in which French Catholic Mary pleads with English Protestant Elizabeth to lift her death sentence.

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Ralph Riach

UP to date information afrom Hamish Macbeth to The Bacchae and beyond.

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Pab Roberts

VOICE samples, photos and CV.

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Tracey Robertson

CV and images.

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Laurance Rudic

GLOBE-trotting thoughts from the Citz veteran. Site in development at November 2009, but already including a lot of detail about Rudic's time at the Citz.

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Donna Rutherford

WRITER, performer, director and videomaker with an interest in personal storytelling

Reviews: Donna Rutherford reviews.

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