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by Mark Fisher

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3 September 2015 The Guardian

All My Sons

B Arthur Miller. A Rapture Theatre review.

EVERY so often a news story breaks that reminds you of All My Sons. Typically, it’ll involve a faulty part that has caused the deaths of a company’s customers. A corner has been cut, a saving has been made and the consequences overlooked until the PR fallout gets too embarrassing. In Arthur Miller’s play, the stakes are raised because the shortcut in question arouses not only our sense of injustice but also our spirit of patriotism. If a man is prepared to ship cracked cylinder heads for use in American fighter planes during the war, he is both an indictment of capitalist greed and a betrayer of the nation.

FrancesMayliMcCannKylahCreditMihaelaBodlovic20 August 2015 Variety

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

By Lee Hall. A National Theatre of Scotland/Live Theatre review.

AS ROAD trips go, it’s a short one. The journey from Oban, a port on the west coast of Scotland, to the capital city of Edinburgh will take you less than three hours. But for the adolescent girls in Alan Warner’s vivid and funny 1998 novel “The Sopranos,” the return trip gives way to a coming-of-age odyssey of heavy drinking, sexual fumbling and self-discovery that will define them forever. Adapted as “Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour” by playwright Lee Hall (“Billy Elliot”), the production, premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe, becomes a joyful estrogen-fueled life-in-a-day romp that is one stop short of a full-blown musical, and every bit as exhilarating.


20 July 2015 Edinburgh Festivals Magazine


By Oliver Emanuel. A Vox Motus/NTS/EIF preview.

DRAGON is exceptional in many ways. For one thing it’s the first time a piece of theatre for young people and families has appeared in the programme of the Edinburgh International Festival. It’s also a rare three-way collaboration between Glasgow’s Vox Motus, the National Theatre of Scotland and the Tianjin People’s Arts Theatre in China.

30 June 2015 The List

Festival preview: Lanark

By David Greig/Alasdair Gray. A Citizens Theatre/EIF preview.

THE Citizens Theatre is attempting the near-impossible task of bringing Alasdair Gray’s Lanark to the stage. Mark Fisher asked those close to both the original book and the new EIF production what that classic of Scottish literature means to them.
















by Mark Fisher

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